We look forward to having you with us at the Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing. Because the Center has limited capacity, both for overnight guests and for program attendees, we strongly encourage you to register early to avoid disappointment. In all cases, advance reservations are strictly required.


Registration for retreats, teachings and other events are accepted online, by phone or in person. For security reasons, we do not accept registration by email. You will, however, receive email confirmation of your registration. We process registrations in the order in which we receive them.


We maintain waitlists for all sold out events, offering places to people in the order in which we receive their requests.


Our teachers craft programs carefully to make every part valuable; often the teachings in one session build on those in the previous session. Therefore we ask that you make a concerted effort to attend a full program. However, sometimes life intervenes, and that is not possible. We are sorry, but we cannot pro-rate costs for partial attendance; likewise, we cannot reduce the commuter rate for someone who does not want or cannot have all 3 meals at the Dharmakaya Center.


As Buddha taught, everything is impermanent. Sometimes that includes our plans. If you need to cancel a reservation, please contact us as soon as possible.

For programs and personal retreats, we charge a $50 processing fee for all cancellations. This fee helps fund our program scholarships.

If you cancel more than two weeks before your reservation, we will refund the balance of your money; if you cancel within two weeks of a reservation, a nonrefundable credit (less the $50 processing fee) will be held for one year from the date of issue.

We are sorry there are no refunds for afternoon or evening programs.


Rooms must be used by the person whose name is on the reservation. It is not possible to transfer room reservations among people, nor to add extra people to a room without a reservation.


To make our programs as accessible as possible, we offer several types of discounts, including:

  • Early Bird Discounts for those who book by a specified advance date
  • Bring-a-Friend Discounts offering 10% off for both parties when one person is new to the Center
  • Extended Stay Discounts of 10% off a week-long retreat and 20% off a retreat of two or more weeks

Because not all discounts are available for all programs, each program page will note if discounts are available. We are sorry but we cannot extend multiple discounts for the same program.

If you have questions, please write: [email protected]


Thanks to the generosity of our community of donors, we are able to offer scholarships for many of our programs. These scholarships serve to subsidize up to 50% of the cost of our program and accommodate fees, making our programs more broadly accessible. 

Scholarships are awarded based on a short application form which you can find here

If you have additional questions, please write: [email protected]


On rare occasions, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may need to cancel a program. We will notify registrants immediately and will offer a full refund for housing and tuition or, if possible, the option to book a personal retreat for the same time period as the original reservation. If you are purchasing airfare, we recommend investigating travel insurance with appropriate coverage for ultimate flexibility, since the Dharmakaya Center cannot reimburse for travel expenses.

Dharmakaya Center For Wellbeing
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Privacy Policy

Dharmakaya Center For Wellbeing
191 Cragsmoor Road Cragsmoor, New York 12566

Privacy Policy

© 2019 Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing. All rights reserved